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What can I offer? 3D graphic, animation * I can offer full services. In character animation I can work from initial model through riging up to the final animation. In technical and product animation I offer possibility to animate practicaly whatever mechanism. I am able to work with dat from engineeres´ or designer´ packages as ProIngeneer, DesignStudio, Rhino etc. and I can use them for animation or for visualization. My former technical education gives me good background for these kind of job.   During work I continuously make hardware renders to mutually make sure that work progress in right directon. Previews are suitable for PC and MacOS platforms. 2D graphic, postproduction I am able to do all needed process steps. Rendered data cam completed with additional 2D animations, postproduction work and editing. I can taylor final format according to current customer needs - data for TV commercials, cinema commercial or for web pages. I can uploaded final product via wetransfer (public ftp server). Multimedia presentation I have extensive experince with multimedia presentations. The form of presentation can be adapted to customer needs - it can be just passive videofile placed on whatever media, web pages included, or active presentation (with menu bar) on DVD/Bluray disk and/or simple powerpoint presentation. My tools... I use legal software which is standard in the world film production - Autodesk Maya 2014 and (post)production package Adobe Production CS5, for web creation I use Xara. I am well equipped with hardware too. In case of necessity I am able to work on custumer´s  place. Cooperation To be able to cover customers needs in full range I have close cooperation with consequential professions. I work only with experienced and fully qualified professionals or studios. You can get copyrighted music or sound which is compliant with PAL or NTSC norms, another option is possibilty to make commercial - promotional clip in fullHD resolution. Very experienced media agency can be involved in preparation of media plan for commercials under competitive conditions. * an explanation of some strange terms can be found in the chapter Backstage