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There are some links to web pages of people or firms which speak to me in some way in my graphic life. Maybe it could help you in some way.
Autodesk Area  Autodesk discussion forum mainly for professional users AW Graph Czech Autodesk dealer - cool people which can help you with yours serious trables with Maya creativeCrash server specialized for 3D graphics - plugins, MEL scripts ... 3dworldmag magazine oriented on 3D graphic Pixar pioneeres of 3D animation, for me forever the best :-) PlatigeImage polish studio managed by Tomek Baginski - authors and producers  of plenty very good short films Jan Tománek he made with his studio the first Cech future 3D animated film. I cross fingers to him. Petra Śtefánková Slovak graphic artist, she is an excellent graphic. I like her style. Anifest gig Czech enterprise for animated world - international festival of animated films PifPaf festival of a bit different animation QQ studio animation and postproduction studio - my heart matter and my friends :-) Wavebreak media irish server  - databasis of stock videos, photos and animations and my friends :-) Viridian art school for adults