drawer design and www by pened
2012 Re Corporation selection procedure for design and realisation of animated mascot
2012 Pana - design for children selection procedure for redesign of current leaflet - request – to start from current design of leaflet but change color profile (design) in a way „that leaflet laying on the table will cutch your eyes and by its design it should evoke children world. On this base to make lay-outs of products from supplieded photos. I have prepared always two versions – one like from child eye and second as a graphic variaton of it to enable choice.
2011 Ravak selection procedure for visualisation of baths and bath equipmnets
original version suggested change
lay-outs of some products
Tests, selection procedures etc. I stock into a drawer things with some relation to me even I don´t use them at present. Not all selection procedures goes according to ours ideas :-). Well, if nothing more, there is at least good feeling from that job. So, why to keep them hide in the drawer?