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My name is Petr Nedjalkov. I deal with multimedia creation with strong focus on 3D graphic and animation. I do computer graphic since 1993 when I started my career as a DTP operator and I deal on 3D graphic since 1996. In 1997 I started working on multimedia presentations. Since 2001 I became more and more focused on 3D graphic which I do until now. I continuously improve my knowledge skills and in that profession.
Achieved education 1989 – 1993 SPSS (secondary school), engineering technology 2007 – 2008 2 year of art school ZUŠ (art school)  - drawing, painting 2009 summer school of animation at VOSG Jihlava (high school) 2007 – 2010 seminars of filmmaking at  QQ studio, Ostrava (animation and postproduction studio) 2009 2-month internship at Wavebreak media, Ltd., Cork, Ireland – 3D animation 2011 – 2012 Viridian, Ostrava –  evening art school for adults
Working experience 1993 – 1997 GRAFIS Repro, s.r.o., Ostrava (desktop publishing and reprographic studio) – DTP operator 1997 – 2001 TATRA, a.s., Koprivnice (PR department, marketing) – worked on promotion graphic and multimedia presentations for sales & marketing and senior management 2001 – 2003 QQ studio, s.r.o., Ostrava (animation and postproduction studio) – 3D animator 2003 - 2009 DESCENT, s.r.o., Koprivnice (design studio of academic sculptor and industrial designer Jiri Spanihel) - 3D graphic designer 2009 – 2012 Wavebreak media, Ltd., Cork, Ireland – Cork, Ireland – 3D animator (worked as freelancer) 1997 – 2009 occasional work as freelancer and independent short film making 2010 - till now self-employer -  Maya 3D generalist including postproduction and video editing, multimedia presentations